We Are Young♥

Well Well Well Look Who’s back 🙂 I have missed you guys so much! and A LOT has happend in my life, i would tell you guys, but well I don’t really know where to begin haha. But I’m back, and once summer starts will be on a lot more! Just a extremely short post to say im back. I wont be reading any post or emails for a while considering i have 3562 emails….lawlz.  But i think imma delete them all so i can start FRESH! lol, im on break next week, how about yall? I’m so happy I’m back! Love You Guys!♥




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A Little Bit Longer And I'll Be Fine

Well this is really no way to say hello. But i felt you guys all know to deserve this little piece of information. Its really importatn. I just cutt.

I have probably about 30 slits. It really stings. Don’t worry I used a scissor. Not a knife!!!!!!

But please don’t worry! i stopped!! I hid everything, even though I know where it is.

Just pray.

I’m telling you all because I know i’m never judged in your eyes, and i know you guys will help me through this journey.

I Love you all.


Oh by the way, that song is da bomb digityy!!! lol



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You know so many people are gonna hate you… or hate your actions. but they are the ones who need to give you inspiration. when they tell you to give up you go right up to them and tell them to try again. There are some songs i love love to listen to.. partly cause thhey make me feel special..or give me love hope or inspiration. the ones about people doing others wrong.. but NOT GIVING UP. the ones i love like Take a bow by rihanna, she loves this boy but she knows hes not good for her and she does whats righjt… I want to be that girl.. So what i do is i be the best i can, give people second chances, but when those chances turn in to 5th’s and then 10’s and on and on i can’t do it.. so I turn to music.. I’ve always wanted to be a singer… give people something to want to wake up to.. give hope and inspiration like a national anthem to live by. But dreams are only dreams right…. no, see that is where I am wrong… They are not dreams, unless you let them be, so don’t, thats the point, Run after your dreams, don’t keep them locked up in a box. So i have an idea… Maybe i can make a youtoube channel sing and act out some songs. see if i get any hits.. what do you think? I may not ever become a singer but its worth the try right? I think so! love this! I love your sets! I do one thing that scares me each day… gettin scarier now.. it really helps. I know im beautiful.. we all need to know we are thats when i look at my self and see a perfect picture i take it! I take like 10 and i have a file on my phone called Imperfection Perfected by Katie
ITs all the pictures i took even the yucky ones and its me as a little kid even playing with peoples cameras and phones… uup to this very day and it has captions ones about the days when i ran away the days i felt like i was unloved hopless and alone… It shows the person I am and one day im gonna put it all in a book… Its gonna be a best seller…. that sounds conceited and maybe i am but it helps me become stronger, more like the person i wwant to and will one day be.

Sometimes you have to run away just to see who will follow, and put up walls just to see who is brave enough to break them down.

If you want to see the set here it is




That one was from the heart


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The long and awaited

Well hello there! Sorry about being so MIA! But I’m officially back! Back from what you say, well I took a little hiatus, not telling you all. I kinda needed a break for a little while, and with everyone leaving I didn’t want to scare anyone! But guess who’s back, better than ever? MOI! And she is ready to get down to buisness! So here I go!


We recently have an opening for a Dylan in our PC, so visit the OCD Site!

We also do have some new editions to our lovely OCD, here there are now spam them with love!

http://itsariana.wordpress.com/ – She is amazing! i heart her posts, and she recentley revealed herself she is so pretty! shower her with love!

http://livelifelovelauren.wordpress.com/ So awesome, her posts- lovely! She is a great blogger!

http://reallytrulyabi.wordpress.com/ I love her posts, and her blog is so cute!

That wintery feel

Don’t you love it! I do, but christmas is over. Sadly, but there is always new years am i right!? Speaking of Kennedy and I are hosting a New Years Parrty! Mostly kennedy, she is hosing and asked me to co-host. Here is what I got for Christmas, In real life.


Coach Purse and Keychain

3 Movies

3 CD’s

Justin Bieber Calender

Instagram back


2 Books

Some stuff for my room

Pillow Pet 😛


Picture Frame

Plaque of me and my friends for my wall

Just Dance 3

MJ experience


2 Itunes Gif cArds

3 Bracelets


All seasons of friends

Shirt from J-Crew

Good Christmas how about you!

So are you ready to hear about what I got Ian for christmas and what he got me, well here is how it went.

As I drove up to his house I got a little nervous, what if he thinks its too much, what if its not enough!! I quickly called the girls for reassurment, and I got it. As i got into the house he greeted me with this big smile and a hug, I instantly felt better, just the slightest smile or hug from him can make my whole day. We went outside and sat on the swings like little kids. I gave him a little note that read:

Dear Ian,

You don’t know how nervous I am just sitting here with you( then he looked up and kissed my cheek) I am fully completely in love with you. Merry Christmas. I can’t even write a letter because I can’t wait to see you, so as I hop into the car, I am here right now this very moment dreaming of you, waiting to see you and jump in your arms. Merry Christmas Baby.

And with that he opened the box, and pulled out a note reading

Here lay a gift card for us to buy two tickets to whereever you want to go, and venture out.  He just couldn’t help but smile. He came and kissed my cheek and unwrapped the rest of the gift, which was Ralph Lauren Cologne, the one he hinted about all week, and a cheesy pair of snoopy boxers. Later on he told me he would be right back, but a few seconds later I felt his big strong hands on my waist, pulling me towards him and giving me the  biggest kiss I had ever recieved. He was wonderful, and best yet all mine. He gave me a huge box. I unwrapped it to find another wrapped box, starring at me was a puppy. A beautiful puppy. I pulled it out and kissed it, we decided to name it Charlie, but that wasn’t all. Attached to Charlie’s collar was a ring. No he didn’t pop it out get on one knee and propse. What it was was a promise  ring, and it was perfect. I knew what it meant, so he took it off slid it on my finger lifted me up and kissed me. It was wonderful, and I’m floating on clouds.

Here I am today sitting on my douvay, mac in lap, vanilla bean frappe at my side, typing with my emerald green essie nail polish another gift from the girls. Well I figured you all would want to see the ring, so here it is. Hope you all like it, i know i certainly do!

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year




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Good Morning Darling

Good morning darlings, how are we all? Sorry for the late update!!! But baby, I’m back! Thank you all for sticking around and caring enough to look and comment, I love you all!  So christmas is coming soon, 8 days am I right? Here are my lists!

My wishlist:

Coral Pop Bracelet

Zoe Headband

Bailey Button UGGS

H&M Gift Card


Starbucks Gift Card

BCBG Pink Glitter Border Wool Scarf

Charm For Her Charm Bracelet

Stila Daydream Palette


Ralph Lauren Gift Card

Eos Holiday Lip Balm Collection

Coach Poppy Flower

Stila Holiday Lip Glaze Set



Wonderstruck perfume

Kardashian Kollection Python Bag


Jewlrey Box

Spa gift card

Bow Clutch


CD with our songs

Ray Bans

Saints Football Jersey

My Kiss

Fashion Expedition Challenge Two:

This challenge My Dears Will Be The First Challenge Where A Contestant Will Be Leaving. Sorry For The Wait.


Go to a trift store, you have 15 minutes to buy and purchase anything. With waht you come up with is what you will work with. The goal is to make use of what you have in the time frame. Lets keep this simple, no dresses. The outfit must be put together. I f you have any questions let me know!



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Would You Put A Bunch Of Fireflies In Jar, Light it up and Light My World

Hey Darlings,

First of all, super sorry!!! I’ve been busy with school exams, catching up on here, friends, and family things. Life is hectic. But Thanks to you all for sticking around and caring enough to comment! Love you! On to buisness!

~Christmas Wishlist Page Will Be Up SOON!!!!~

~Fashion Expedition Will Have a new challenge this week or weekend~

~New Longer Post This Week Or Weekend~

Love you all! Ik that was a short update but, just letting you all know IM NOT DEAD!

Love you!



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If Your A Bird Then I’m A Bird — Top Seven Saturday

The Notebook! Let me tell you Darlings!

December Darlings,

Here are my top 7 Notebook Videos

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&NR=1&v=XU2qZ4KQaiU

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=WpSDDULcT6M

3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&NR=1&v=VekEn4LvIDI

4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1b4shfLHgAA

5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=0CDNjU6ysqs

6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBwenJV2Y2A&feature=fvwrel


In no particular order!

And After These Seven Videos You Cannot Tell Me You Don’t like the notebook or want that chickas!

Its like this everyday with Ian. He just makes me so happy! Super Soon I will be updating my new page you can find it here!

But All Credit Goes to Dyl! The one on my page! Speaking of Dylan’s I know I announced this before but our pharly new Dylan has a pharly new post, she’s super sweet and amazing, so you have to check out her blog!

So After Our Wonderful Surprise on Thanksgiving Ian and I went out this weekend! This is what I wore

Date With Ian
 This is the text Ian Sent:
Where: Under the stars
When: Tonight @ 9
What: You Me Stars My Arms, You Get it?
Ooh la la Exclaimed Leesh when she saw it!
Ik!!! I shreiked, already headed to my closet to pick out clothes!
What about this I asked?
And just like that we found an outfit! What Happend You ask? Well sometimes good things take time… I’ll Let you know 😉
I was thinking of making a post on my Closet page with a picture of my kris clothes in a big closet? Whatcha Think?


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