News and Updates!

Well  a couple of things too tell!

1st I will be at camp in mississippi for a week and then the beach for a week but at the beach i have wifi but at camp no!

2nd Well cant believe i have to say this but  well um noah cheated on me, but i am actually now going out with derrington!

if u want to know more comment and i will surley tell……..

If i get 10 comments i will post again about Derrington! And i will be on july 17-23 but not 10-16!




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12 responses to “News and Updates!

  1. Have fun at camp! Aw I’m saw-ree, but congrats (;
    Kailey ƸӜƷ

  2. Alicia Rivera

    Aw too bad about noah… But thats great about Derrington! Can’t wait to hear more!

    I Heart You! -Leesh

  3. CindyInCouture

    Your blog is super cute!
    Have fun at camp! Mississippi is a really dry state!
    Well, can you view my blog? There’s a new post up! 😀
    Lots of Hearts, Cindy

    • Hey girl! Thx so much btw i love urs! and i have read the post and i will comment tomorrow! Ikr its gonna be soo hot! but i live in louisiana so im used to it lol!

  4. Massie Ella Block

    yay 2 u and derrinton!

    —-Yours Truly, Massie Ella

  5. Massie Ella Block

    Hey Kris!! There’s a new post up awn my blah-g, check it out!

    —-Yours Truly, Massie Ella

  6. Have fun! I will miss you 😦

    XOXO Mass

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