Amy Whinhouse!

Ok im really late but Rip to AMy!

Forever in our hearts! She was still a great person and far too young to die!

I know not everybody may like her but when someone dies we all unite! So lets all make a special post dedicated to amy!

Amy Whinhouse:

Birthday: September 14, 1983

U probably know her song : Rehab

Amy Winehouse is a five-time Grammy Award-winning English singer-songwriter

Her big break came in 2008. Amy Winehouse became the first British female to win five Grammy Awards on the same night, February 10th, 2008

Beautiful Soulful  voice to never be forgotton!




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4 responses to “Amy Whinhouse!

  1. It’s so sad! Poor Amy.

    XOXO Mass

  2. That was so sad! I never really listened to her music, but I knew whos she was and all…

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