AWSOME IDEA! We are having An award contest for our WP RP’ers!


Comment with ideas and catagories!

So far the categories are

Best Bitch: (had too im sorry lol)

Best Writter:

BEST GG : ( there is 2 now did u hear?)

Most Recent Updater:

Most Colorful

Best Vintage:

Best Alicia:

Best Massie:

Best Kristen:

Best Kuhlaire

Best Dylan

Best Homepage

Best gossiper

Best Real Lifer:

I will be posting ballots, polls, etc! We will have a party for the awards! Im so excited!

Ps I went To ralph lauren today! Got some gawgeous shirts!

Love Kris



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6 responses to “OSCAR TIME!

  1. Everyone just loves your posts so much they don’t comment!
    G + G = Me
    The New Gossip Girl

    • Yes but honey you must love it because u commented didnt u bitch!
      Ps there just might have to be a second place award for u in the best bitch and gossiper section cause u and the 1st gg are about to win!

  2. I love your blog Kristen 🙂 And I love the contest! I can’t wait to start it with ya! We can go over more details and categories tomorrow! I’ll be on meebo this time haha

    XOXO Mass

    • hahah thx! u better cause no one ever talks to me but ryan and natalie! and kailey is on and still wont respond to me iim kinda upset but no one is ever on to know that

      • I’m sorry girlie. Everyone has been so busy lately, especially me. We’ll definitely talk soon! Also, email me cuz I’m normally on pretty sporadically.

        XOXO Mass

  3. Hey Kris!
    This is a great idea!!
    Sorry I wasn’t on Meebo. If it was some time on Sunday…then I was logged on Meebo on my iTouch and I just stopped checking it! I’m not on Meebo as much, so you might look into getting a AIM and adding me: kaddiebaddie1897 (:

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