Trends, Beauty tips, and personalized tips, OH MY!

Hey girlies! Here are some great fall trends for this year!

Fall Colors! Taupe, Deep Purples like plum, Silver, Dark Teal, & Mustard yellow.

Great site to figure out what colors look best on you:

Bright Belts: These will add colorful flare to neutrals! Bright belts with neutral lightweight sweaters will look great this season! Here are some colors based on body types:

Petite: avoid thick belts, bright colors can work if  used consistently on the top and bottom of your outfit,  If you  chose to wear brights avoid too many ruffles and embellishments. Pair your brights with neutrals!!! Nude heels can make your legs look longer! Greens and browns! Yellow!

Curvy: Use colorblocking!  Highlight what you like with bold colors and use darker colors for minimizing the other areas. Love you’re bottom half and go for bright colors on bottoms paired with darker colors on top.Pinks and golds!Thin belts work!

Tall: Red will always work! Yellow Belts will make an eye open! Silvers and reds alone and mixed will work great with your body. Metalic light pink will flatter you beautifully! Bright colors, belts included look great!

Next Trend: 70’s bohemian! dont you love that 70’s show! Well now you can love it even more cause 70’s fashion is back with a twist!

What is this exactly:

Maxi dresses( printed ones too)

Oversized sunglasses

highwaisted jeans


fringe and fringed handbags, and jackets

Stacked bangles

Clogs and clog heels!

Next Trend: Floral and Lace: Floral itself may be out, but with lace or paired with another garment that is floral your sure to walk the runway! 

Its pretty and romantic! So dont be afraid to mix and match it up! When wearing this trend avoid sparkles and sparkly jewlrey! It will overwelm! Clothing is not the only thing  that can be matched! This season try matching your lipstick or shoe color to a hue! One more thing when mixing prints, make sure one shade in both patterns is the same!

Next Trend: In the jungle Safari!  First it was tribal prints, now we are heading to the jungle for a safari!

Aviator Sunglasses, Slouchy hobo bags, Cargo oversized jackets,trenches, and dresses, and Espadrille wedges!

Next Trend: BOLD STRIPES!!!

Use a waist sinching belt so the lines wont clash with the body lines. One way to take this trend for a test drive is to add a bold accesory like statment ring or an embellished ballet flat! Try unevenly spaced strips( a la Prada) Sometimes these tend to flatter more!

Well those are some great tips I hope you will consideer!

If I get at least 10 comments I will do a beauty post!

Hope you enjoyed!

PS It took me 1 hour to find all this and type it lol!





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2 responses to “Trends, Beauty tips, and personalized tips, OH MY!

  1. Hola Kris(:
    I heart this post x 100!
    I luh-v That 70s’ Show, and the 70s’ Bohemian look is pretty sweet!
    Heart You Forever,
    Alicia Rivera

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