Mall Haul!

Everyone is doing hauls, and I havent yet! So I will do one right now! Its going to be organized by designers! First haul here I go! (this is a haul, but I dont have these clothes in RL)



Leather  Bag $40

Leather Bag







river island sign

Coral Feather Earrings $6

coral feather drop earrings - earrings - jewellery - women - River Island

Pink Pearl Bracelets $10

Black Bow Coche Hat $20

black bow cloche hat - hats - accessories - women - River Island

Chloe Tops Creme

Chloe tops CREAM

Chloe cork wedges

Chloé Cork Wedges

A modern notion

Sass & Bide A Modern Notion

Trompe le’ole scarf tee

Sass and Bide Trompe l´oeil scarf print tee

Waisted Printet Baggy shorts

Sass and Bide Waisted printet baggy shorts

Tell u about this one later:

Olivia Collings Antique Jewelry Old Cut Diamond Cluster Ring

Marroni Colored Diamond Sand Earrings

Well thats it! Hope u liked!

Should I do more?

Kiss Kiss Kris


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8 responses to “Mall Haul!

  1. I heart everything that you gawt Kris! Ja’dorable(:
    You should duh-efinitey do more!
    Heart You Forever,
    Alicia Rivera

  2. Hey Krissy! Love the maul haul 🙂 I really loved all the chloe stuff you got. I’ll have to borrow that creme top sometime 😉


  3. Heyy Kristen~!
    Great haul! Everything you got is very cute. 😉 I luh-v your header by the way!!
    Check out my bloggie?

  4. Love the mall haul!

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