So many tags to do! Maybe I shouldnt make one of my own! what do  ya think i should do!….. In the meantime here are my answers to the new tags!

I decided to combimne my answers as RL and RP answers! Like it? Oh well… here I go….

A-AvailableRL: Yes I am ;)! RP: no mam! I love derrington with all my heart! Stick around we have some news!

B-Birthday-  RL: March 20, 1998 RP: ????hahah

C-Crushing on: RL: its a secret… shh! RP: Derrington of course! ❤

D-Drink you last had: RL: Gatorade RP: Mochachino

E-Easiest person to talk to: RL: myself and God ha, RP: Leesh she takes my worries away

F-Favorite song: RL: pumped up kicks, You and I, and Just cant get enough! RP: Rockstar

G-Gummi worms or Gummi Bears- BOTH! 

H-Hometown: somewhere over the rainbow, Louisiana

I – In love with someone: possibly, maybe, …. yes alright! RP: yes… hehehe

K- Killed someone: U better take this to the grave 😉

L- Longest Car ride: Idk

M-Milkshake Flavor: RL: chocolate RP: Blueberry

N-Number Of Siblings: RL: 1, sister RP: none 😦

O-one wish: RL: I dont think i would wish for anything cause it would change my ppast present and future and i dont wanna change anything cause i love it all the way it is! RP: Not being poor

P-person that called you last: RL: BFF, RP: Massie

R-reason to smile: RL: life goes on,… Loveeee! RP: fashion, boys, crossword puzzles, and school!

T-Time you woke up: RL: about 6:45 RP: hmmm idk around noon!

U-Underneath ur bed: RL: a bed piece and trash probly haha RP: My moms silk slippers!

V-Vegtable: Idk dont like that many of them

W-Worst habit: RL: Nails! RP: overspending!

X-X-rays U have had: My teeth, RP: my leg (soccer)

Y-Years living where you live: all of them 13 and a half

Z-Zodiac Sign: Proud Picses

Random ?’s

Spell your name without vowels: Kt

.What color do you wear the most: idk i guess navy oryellow

.Least Favorite Color: Red

. What are you listening to: Usher and Lil wayne

. What is ur favorite class in school: Does PE count?

. when do you start back in school: already have

.Are you outgoing: More than you will ever know

.Favorite pair of shoes: like asi cant pick!

.Can u dance: 10 year in a row champ, baby

.Can you tie a cherry stem in a knot with your mouth: OMG! YES!

.Can you whistle: Yes mam

.Can you cross your eyes: doing it right now

.Walk with your toes curled: idk lets see…. yup!

The Do’s

Believe there is life on other planets: possibly

Believe in Miracles: All the way

Believe in magic: Of course! Im a disney raised child

like rollarcoasters: sometimes

been on a plane: yup1

been to the ocean: yes i def have1

almost drowned in the ocean: oh gosh no, hope i didnt jiinx it

Temp outside: 116 F

radio stations u listen to: 102.5 100.7 101.5 92.7 107.9 96.1 98.1 103.3 104.1 

Last thing u bought: not sure

Last thing u watched: Chloe King

Last person u took a pic of: myself

Ever really cried ur heart out: sadly yes and i prob will again

Cried over the opposite sex: Of course


Cried on friends shoulder: Every one of em   C

ry when u got an injury:


ProbablyDo songs make u cry: occasionally

Are you a happy person? yes usually haha 


What is your current hair color? Gold 


What are you wearing?  old denim shorts and southeastern pullover jacket

 Bracelets usually but not now

Your eye color: sometimes light sometimes dark brown 

Short or long hair? Long all the way baby 

Height 5’1  😦



Kiss Kiss 









































































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6 responses to “Tagalicious!

  1. Loved the tag answer Kristen! March is like, the best month ever(;
    New post, check it out and comment.
    Eternally Forever,
    Rosalie Hale

  2. Hey Kris! I loved all the tags you did! Haha I liked how you answered them in both RL and RP, very creative 🙂 Thanks for doing the tag btw!


  3. Loved the tag, Kris. I should really do one for RP haha.
    New post, check it out? (:
    Heart You Forever,
    Alicia Rivera

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