School Time

Well soon we are starting school! Summer was getting boring, so the PC and I are kinda happy to be at OCD! Anyways, here is my school outfit

Later Today the PC and I will be posting a school Haul Full of our new wardrobe and our supplies! You know I will have more brainy stuff than the rest of us! Also, This and next week i am giving free massages! Apparently Im very good at them! But after these 2 weeks! You have to pay me in a special way! Any ideas?
Ps OCDO blog is up and ready with a BEAUTIFUL makover from our lovely Massie! Go complememt! Also our wonderful dylan has a new post, about Italy! And i haev 3 new pages! OHHH! Very exciting!

Stay tuned folks



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2 responses to “School Time

  1. That outfit is mucho caliente chica! Vuh-ery good for fall. Haha you awr ah-mazing at giving massages Kris! (:
    Heart You Forever,
    Alicia Rivera

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