See it or believe it!

Yes I did it! I got 3  tattoos! Calm down , dont get ur panties in a bunch! The one on my back is henna! The other two 1 says derrick behind my ear, the 2 says believe in yourself on my inside wrist! Those are real however! I was thinking the PC should each get one representing the Pc! Just a thought! Like or nawt? Well i  know you have been dying to see the tattoos! So The next post will be a set of pictures! they will contain the images of my tatts! Loveorhate, just appreciate!




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8 responses to “See it or believe it!

  1. Ehh, I know us chicas, no matter where we wind up, will awl-ways be together forever, in the heart, I’m nawt so sure I want to get a tattoo. I’d do henna, but nawt actual ink..
    Heart You Forever,
    Alicia Rivera

  2. I read and commented! hahahha!!

  3. everythingmassieblock

    Wow, bold choice, but sounds pretty cute ❤

  4. That sounds ah-mazing Kristen!
    They sound like they’re cute!
    New post (:


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