In the eyes of God

We are all special! I feel like a lovely person this morning and im in a great mood! So cherish it! Hehe!!! Well I have decided like Skye to post some charm bracelets of my own! First here are some shoutouts!

My Pc-LOVE U all so much! We have had so many great, hard,challenging, but amazing moments together! And they will just keep coming! Im so excited to be in high school with you chickas! Love yall to death!

To all those who are thinking about quitting: DONT! Best advice i can give: To me Family is first! Then School Then Love!

Family: Most important thing in the world to me!

School: gonna get u far and is important so if its about school i understand

Love: Im the kinda person that love makes my world go round without it i cant live!

So if you quit we understand but dont delete the blog! U might come back later or make a RL blog! Im thinking of making one is it a good idea?

Here are some AMAZING links! Also there are many more than this here are just some off the top of my head!– new post – new url and love her makeover! – read my cover girl interview– hack post– love her– get ready for a  makeover!

And more later!

Should i post my home pictures! Wanna know why! Cause we moved!

Here are my braclets:


Eiffel Tower-City of Love

Home-home is where the heart os

Football-its a southern thing

Frappe-My love

Ring- Moms wedding ring

Passport-love to travel

Tea pot-childhood

Anchor-Boating girl

Soccer- im a soccer girl




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10 responses to “In the eyes of God

  1. Love this post Kristen. It’s amazing. (OMG you should totally make a RL blog!) (: New post, check it out and comment!
    Eternally Forever,
    Rosalie Hale

  2. cute post kristen and thanks for putting me up 🙂


  3. Hey Kris! Loved this post 🙂 The shout outs were ah-mazing x 10! Love the charm bracelet, very cute!


  4. I loved this post girly (:
    If you decide to make an RL blawg, I’m sure it’ll be ah-mazing!
    New post (:


  5. Luv the bracelet and thnx 4 the shout out, means alot. 😉
    New post.

    Je t’adore,
    ~♔ Skye. A Hamilton

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