See what now?

Guess who I saw on Melissa and Joey last night? No other than our Alpha, Massie Block! She was GREAT in her role! It was soo cool to watch her perform, and my was she amazing! Props to Massie! I just about died when I saw her!

Anyway, check the Ocd site locker’s page! Wanna know why! Of course you do, cause I put my locker up! You can also see it on my blog, its the post before this one.

Also my parents decided to get me a gift, for the new school year! Wanna see? No question there! Here are the gifts, and stay tuned some big news coming at the bottom of the post!

Juicy Couture 2011 Limited Edition Lunch Box Charm

It’s the new Juicy Coutour 2011 Lunch Box Charm

Diamond Bangle Bracelet 1 1/4 CT. T.W. Silver

Diamond Bangle Bracelet

Juicy Couture Limited Edition Back To School Charm Bracelet

Juicy Coutour School Edition Bracelet

Swarovski Crystal And Faux Pearl Ring

They give me a Very Beautiful ring each year, this is this year’s ring.

Diamond Vintage Bangle 1/2 CT. T.W. 14K/Silver

Diamond Vintage Bangle Cuff

Its from my Grandparents on my mother’s side

Jamie Wolf Diamond Wildflower Charm Bracelet

Jamie Wolf Wildflower Charm Bracelet, From My Grandparents on my father’s side

Asos Vintage Style Feather Hair Comb With Diamante Detail

This is not new, it was my great great grandmother’s that she gave to my mom when she died and my mom just recently handed it down to me as i will to my first daughter. It is the oldest thing i own(vintage!!!), yet the most beautiful! Love you Grammy

 Disc charm bracelet

Bought this one myself the other day! Isn’t it beautiful!

Oasis Charm Bracelet Boxed Gift Set

This is my big gift from all my family, it is to hold my jewelry! It is special for it contains a song in it! The song is a song that is of a lot of meaning to my family. Want to know the song? Let me know! It is beautiful and is just wonderful!

Well And Now for that suprise you have all been waiting for! See I waited to anounce it at the bottom of the post, because it would make you all read the post am I right, unless you were to just scroll down! But please dont do that, the post is not that long and not that much to read! Well the news is:




Ps: New Post on my RL blog


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6 responses to “See what now?

  1. itsdylanmarvilous

    ah-mazing post!! I love x 10 the ring!!
    Check out my blawg, yeah?
    I kinda need more views :(.
    Thanks chicka


  2. Gorgeous post + sweet jewellery! 😉

  3. Gorgeous gifts Kris, so suh-weet of your parents to give you those things, especially the jewelry passed down from your grandparents(: I’d luh-v to know the song(: . . .And your moving?!
    Heart You Forever,
    Alicia Rivera

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