Free Fallin

Guess WAT! I’m almost not punished! My mom had given me back certain things! So pretty soon I will be FREE FREE FALLING! SING IT WITH ME! I’m Free Free Falling! Well now lets save that one for when im ACTUALLY FREE! But Anyway more about that lovely news, I had promised you lovelies!

I am moving, but ohv-course there must be a reason why my darlings! Oh I’m sure your all just wondering! Well to relieve all your distress here is why! Daddy got a new job, and one that pays the bills might I add! So we are moving! To a greater, prettier, better house! I am so excited! I am going to be posting the houses we are looking at on the blog and you guys can tell me your thoughts. Once we purchase our new house, I will show it all of to you guys! I am SO Excited, and I hope you guys are too!

Ps: New post coming on my Rl blog!
Ablogbyryan has a new post
And the WP award winners are finally ANNOUNCED on my The oscar goes to page! Sorry for such a short post! More juicy deets are coming soon!


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4 responses to “Free Fallin

  1. Cindy ♚

    Ooh, awesome! Where ya moving to?
    Oh, and check out my blog please! New post!


  2. Kaddie

    Ah-mazing, I’m guh-lad to hear that you’re pretty much free chica(:
    Heart You Forever,
    Alicia Rivera

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