Theres More- Kristen Gregory

Thats what I said when my parents told me that the house has not only a seperate guesthouse, but a seperate house! They said I can have it! So i have two bedrooms, one in the MH(Main House) and one in the Kx2(Kristen and Katie). So Kx2 is for me and my PC, so yall get to design a room! And were going to remodle and fit them in! For now here is what it looks like!

Beautiful with the trees might I add!

This is the pool

Study/Computer Room

Green Office Pictures

Extra office

White House Office Layout

The Basement

White House Office Layout

This is the view from the dock at the MH

Outside Dining

Unique Relaxing and Balancing dining Area Interior Design of Forest Themed House

Inside Dining

Stylish Gorgeous Stunning Dining Room Design With Fresh Green Table Linen

Upstairs Lounge

Fabulous Dazzling Colorful Living Room Design Idea For More Stunning Looks

Downstairs Kitchen

Pretty Fabulous Outstanding Modern Kitchen Decoration Idea Feminine Purple TouchDownstairs Lounge

Modern Mansion at San Francisco CaliforniaGosh it does not look like a house with these kind of rooms haha!

There is a kitchen outside by the pool

 Spectacular Georgian Style House Design

Upstairs Dining

Spectacular Georgian Style House Design

Upstairs Kitchen

Ok My FAVORITE part…

THERE IS A SOCCER FIELD! A Trail Outside leads to it, my dad said there is more, but we have to go furthur in the trail! I wonder what else there is!

My Bedroom- the windows in the first guest room are designed like mine, so behind all the furniture my windows will do that too!

Guest room

Modern-bright-colored-teen-girl-bedroom-with-bed-set-and-comforatble-armchairsSee what i mean the windows

My room has this on the other side

My bathroom

The living room has 2 sides

Side 1

Side 2

Now the second floor living room



This is where the trail starts, you kinda cant tell thats why i didnt notice before

Then u see this

And the rest is a suprise

this is the inspiration room

Blank wall to start on

ill have a 17 section a fashion and beauty section and a pictures and quotes section

The laundry room

My walk in closet

Well Thats it! Ik a lot! But its amazing!





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4 responses to “Theres More- Kristen Gregory

  1. I’m juh-ealous(; It’s gorgeous.
    Heart You Forever,
    Alicia Rivera

  2. Hey Kristen! I love the house, it’s so gorgeous! Your bedroom is definitely my favorite 🙂


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