Update and App

First Our Kennedy is back and new! She is ready for a PC and you should join! She is amazing! Here is the link: http://xoxomassieblockoxox.wordpress.com/apps/jointpc/  !!!!

She will be a great Alpha I know it, and you would be lucky to be in her PC! So grab it before its gone!

Also sorry for the short post more coming soon i promise! And my Massie Or Trashy page is updated!




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18 responses to “Update and App

  1. Thanks Kris, I seriously owe you a shoutout!

  2. Ehmagawd, I ah-dore Kennedy’s Massie blawg!
    It’s ah-dorable x 10 (:


  3. I’m so excited Kennedy is being a Massie again 🙂 You better join her clique people!


  4. Fantastial post!! There’s a new post awn my blah-g! Check it out when you have the time!

    Massie Maddie Block

  5. I love XOXO Massie Block, and her blah-g is great!
    Nice post!!! 😉
    New post

    Je t’adore,
    ~♔Skye Hamilton♔

  6. Cindy ♚

    OMG Can you please give me a shout? I’ll super duperly appreciate it!
    I saw Kennedy’s blog. It’s awesome. 😀
    Can you please check out my blog? New post!!
    Love yuh,

  7. iMassiekur

    New post! Pretty Please come visit.


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