Partyin it up

Party Alert! Guess who is having it! ME! Its going to be a housewarming/new house party! If that makes sense! Well I want you guys to help me with some decisions. So here are a few!

More later, anyway I wanted to show you guys something.

I found it on AOL, and its kinda like a music party, its called a listening party. Me and Leesh have had one before, and her and Massie have had a few. Here is how it goes. You each suggest songs for each other, and each person will look them up on youtube or whatever, and share opinions. Its really fun when you have someone like me and Leesh, who have different musical tastes, hint our music blog( Check it out! I have been so MIA on it , sorry about that K! I will make a nice and long, juicy post soon! I promise, now keep me to it!

Speaking of decisions I need you guys to help me with something for RL. No worries, its Super Easy! Tell me your opinion, i need a new pair of jeans for it by next friday.

Also, check out this set of things I got a H&M with my mom today. We went shopping! Always fun, even with your mom! But of course we all know it is so much funner(is that a word, i dont think so haha) with your friends.  Right?

That was only from H&M, to get the rest of the clothes I bought, and what mommie dearest bought, and to know more about our shopping trip, you must give me 10 comments, and 2 likes!

Well, we will be seeing if i make that post or not! It is up to you guys! Dont let me down!




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6 responses to “Partyin it up

  1. The party sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun (:
    I think you should have the party in your new house since it’s a housewarming party!
    The things you got on your shopping trip are ah-dorable x 10 girly (:
    Cute pics!


  2. Hey Kris! I am so excited about the house party! It should be awesome 🙂 The AOL listening thing sounds so awesome! I’ll definitely have to check it out.


  3. The Pictures at the end are cute! I think you should ge a pair of jeggings from Old Navy, they have really good ones :).Have fun a your pary!!

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