Never Assume

Guess I learned the hard way to never assume things.

Well I really thought it was better than in Real Life, but I guess nothing can or should be compared. As hard as my life is for me for reasons you will never know, I guess assumptions are not allowed. I guess I was wrong, about a lot of things. That I now know.

Life is a giant maze in a garden filled of things that suffocate you and hold you in, alone, helpless, and left to do it all on your own. But I wont give up, I never do. So why, tell me why I would start now. I have to find the secret gardens, like in the movie, and find the trap doors. Isn’t that what life is about. Finding the good in a situation. At least that is what my life is about.  We must fight till the end, and make it right, make our future, wright our own story. Somewhere over the rainbow Skies are blue, And the dreams that you dare to dream Really do come true. That is the place ya gotta find. You gotta slide on down the rainbow and get to the other side. Am I right?

Sorry for sadness, so here is my current for this post.

Currents By Katie

Currently Wanting: Love, someone to hold me, and you guessed Red Velvet Baby!

Current song to describe me at the moment: Happy by Leona Lewis, and Brand New Bitch by Anjulie

Currently Talking to: Kennedy aka xoxomassieblockxoxo

Currently Drinking: Fruit Punch Gatorade

Currently Skyping with Kennedy Aka xoxomassieblockxoxo

Currently: Teaching Kennedy to use skype!

Well that is mostly it for today!


More Juicy Posts Later, You Keep My Word You Here!

BTW! I am the September Girl for Skye! Check it out!

Yur Southern Belle



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6 responses to “Never Assume

  1. Lol If it wasnt fr you I would end up virtual stabbing Skype. Love the post!

  2. Hey!
    Love the post ♥
    Could I have a shout-out?

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