OMG OMG OMG! WHEN WERE THEY GOING TO TELL ME! I Cannot BELIEVE this! I bet you are all dying to know! Well yea i still am too! I will update as soon as possible on more info, but here is the basis! Here is how it all happend:


Me: Ya Mah!

Mom: Come here honey, dad and I need to tell you something very important

STOP! Right here! At this moment I didnt know what to think! Was she pregnant, were we losing the house, is someone dead! Ah, ok play!

Trudging down the stairs to see what was the matter, I all of a sudden see a HOT, and i mean HOT, guy sitting on my couch! Why I am thinking, but the answer is FAR from mine. 

Mom takes dad’s hand, and this really makes me wonder.

Mom: Honey we would like you to meet your brother!

My brother? Since when! Ok play!

Me (jaw wide open) HIM (smirkily smiling at me?)

Me: I’m confused!

Dad: Honey, when mom and i were young and in love we wanted to express it and well  actually i think your mother can explain this better!

Me: OH NO! Thats not what i meant, i know how it happend! Gosh, dad!

Mom: Okay, moving on! Before you were born, we had a baby. He’s standing right here and his name is Sebastian

~~~ Insider~~~

Thats him!!!!!!! IKR!


He gets up a shakes my hand! Like a gentelman 😉

So they had a kid before me and he was sent to live with my grandma after I was born, well my grandmother just died! 😦 And he decided to come back to live with us! So thats the basis of it!

Well the catch is he is not living in the guesthouse, he is living in my house!


There is a lot more to the story than you think! But, you have to stay tuned folks!





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10 responses to “SAY WAT NOW

  1. Woah Kris that’s cuh-razy! At least you are no longer an only child, maybe your mom will stop obsessing about your clothes and grades 😉


  2. --asi .♥

    Woah! That absolutely sucks, having a brother that cute!! What a surprise!


  3. iMassiekur

    Wow! This was a huge shocker. I loved reading it with all the suspense though! 🙂 but you’re so lucky you’re not an only child anymore!


    New post! Check it out please?

  4. Alicia Rivera

    EMG!!!! They never told you about him?? That’s cuh-razy! I cannawt wait to find out more about him 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

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