Calling All Fashionistas

So I made a post about having a contest soon! Well it didnt happen, yet!!! Well its going to happen now! So when i posted Contest i got 7 apps! I want at least anywhere from 7-10 applicants. So wanna hear about the challenge, of course you do! Here is most of the details.

The challenge will come in a series of quests or challenges. Some being running around the city doing certain things, designing things, critiquing things, etc.

The basis is that you will be a personal styler for me, and in each challenge you get a bonus, which is a celebrity to style an event for. Now You will also be an intern for a fashion company.

I dont have a name for the contest yet, or a prize yet. So, I need you guys to help me on that. Comment or Email me some suggestions on what to call the contest, and what the prizes should be.

As soon as I get enough applications, I will start the contest. I really want to do this, so spread the word.

In the application you should include:


Blog Address:


Ideas or Suggestions:

Your Personal Style:

Why Should I Let You Enter:

Ok Thank You Guys So Much!

   Kiss Kiss


1 More App Then it starts



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29 responses to “Calling All Fashionistas

  1. Love the post! Check out mine?

  2. Name: Mddie

    Blog Address:


    Ideas or Suggestions: I will think about it.

    Your Personal Style: A huge mix of everything. I love it all.

    Why Should I Let You Enter: Im great with fashion.

  3. leigtmassiekur

    EMG! J’adore the blawggie! It’s so ah-dorable! Names for contest
    design duty
    fashion expedition
    sassy style
    and I luh-v the calling all fashionistas even its not great but better than nothing
    bisou bisou,

    • Aw thanks! thank u i like fashion expedition, thanks!

      • leigtmassiekur

        Oh and P.S. I’m entering Fashion Expedition!
        Name: Massie Block

        Blog Address:


        Ideas or Suggestions: cranberry colored stuff I am luh-ving right now! In the contest I think you should have quick challenges every 3 days or so where the contestents have to create a new set according to a theme and who every wins get a mini advantage in the comp.

        Your Personal Style: I go with the trends, but I love vintage.

        Why Should I Let You Enter: Why shouldn’t you? I have a great sense of style and I am the one to ask for when it comes to fashion.

        All I can say now is: Bring. It. On.

        bisou bisou,

  4. Alicia Rivera

    Looks like its gonna be an ah-mazing cawntest!
    Name: Alicia Rivera

    Blog Address:

    Email: alliciarivera13

    Ideas or Suggestions: Fall is here and the newest things are dark wash and light wash jeans, ankle boots and trench coats.

    Your Personal Style: My personal style would be very “Seventeen” (the magazine) sort of style. Heels and jeans are big for me right now 🙂

    Why Should I Let You Enter: I think that I would do a very good jawb with awll of the challenges and I’m pretty up to date with fashion overall 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  5. Name: Massie Block

    Blog Address: O.M.E.B.

    Email: You know [:

    Ideas or Suggestions: Trench coats, berry-colored beanies, dark wash skinnies with an ankle roll-up, UGGs and lace t-shirts.

    Your Personal Style: Teen Vogue and Seventeen have called my name before, you know. 😉

    Why Should I Let You Enter: Give me a reason why you shouldn’t and I’ll get back to you. [:

    Names for the contest: Style Safari, Beautify Me…there’s a ton more, just be creative and see what you can come up with [:

    Prizes for the contest: One week of co-blogging with you and five free advertizements.

    Je t’adore,


    Kris! I am so excited to be back so I had to check out your blog! It is SOOO cute! Love the halloween theme! I really need to get my veiws up so will you please please please advertise me?? Please and thank you!


  7. Can’t wait to apply! 😉
    New post.

    Je t’adore,
    ~♔Skye A. Hamilton♔

  8. I would SO sign up for this, but I won’t have any time 😦 Although it looks like your getting more apps! Congrats(:
    Keep Strolling,

  9. Name: Claire

    Blog Address:


    Ideas or Suggestions: umm i will get back to you on that.

    Your Personal Style: Mostly classic prep mixed with girly and Boho

    Why Should I Let You Enter: Because i think it is going to be fun and i will actively participate.

  10. Cah-yute blog.
    Check out mine?


  11. Name: Kelsey/MBL

    Blog Address:

    Email: you know it 🙂

    Ideas or Suggestions: you could have a password protected page as a prize! and a name could be… the ultimate stylist? haha

    Your Personal Style: classically feminine 🙂

    Why Should I Let You Enter: Cuz I’m awesome! Haha JK 🙂 You should let me enter because I love fashion and can’t wait to take part in this contest!


  12. I loved the post Kristen (:
    That’s an ah-mazing idea for a contest!
    New post (:


  13. Important New Post, check it out?

    Je t’aime,
    ~♔Skye A. Hamilton♔

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