Hey Beauties,

I’m going to do IMassieKur’s Tag!

Trick or Tag

1. Favorite Halloween Candy? – I have braces now, so it may be a little difficult to eat all that candy! I really like: Butterfingers, Now and Later, There are these grape purple and white skull suckers that i LOVE!

2. If you could change your name to any character, who would it be?: Ariel!

3. Do you go trick or treating for the candy or the costumes?: Both, the costumes are fun, but the candy is delicious!

4. What is your favorite thing about halloween?:  Hmm, I love the candy, well duh! But i like the weather, putting up the decorations, the parties, haunted houses, and the COSTUMES!

5.What would you rather do on Halloween?

A. Attend a halloween Party 

B. Watch a Scary Movie with friends

C. Trick or Treat with friends

I would pick A, because you can do all of the above at a party, but if i have to really choose, I would say B

6.Do you Prefer Harry Potter or Twilight?

OMG! Harry Potter All The way! Are you with me  Potter Fans!

Now this time im tagging!

MBL, Kaddie, Ryan, SkyeAstridHamilton, Kennedy, and DylPickles141

Now you guys all know Maddie from right? Well, she is having a contest, and im advertising! Here is the link!

You better all enter! 

On To PC news, the girls and I did a fashion show, and must I say it was a HIT! Wanna see the dresses? Well, Ah-course you do! Your wish is granted POOF!

Mass Sporting A utterly Beautiful Black Dress By Vera Wang

Alicia waltzing in a Lace White Dress By Kate Spade

Dylan, look at those legs! Anyway haha! Dylan Flaunting off a Elegant White Floor Length dress by Maggie Sottero

Moi Spicing up the runway with a Stunning Red Dress By Oscar De La Renta

Last But not least Claire Spaming the Runway with a Blue Waist Sinched Dress By Marc Jacobs

Gorg ik! We had a line of girls applying, so you could say it was a hit at the least! It was so fun! It will definitly have to be another future event 😉

So, for halloween the PC and I are going to be

THE SPICE GIRLS! Wanna hear more, and even see the outfits!

Show me you want it girls!

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22 responses to “BOO!

  1. The fashion show was amazing! Can’t wait to be the Spice girls!

  2. Lol sorry but those pictures are funny x 10(very clever though ;))The MB and You one were my favorites. What happened to the rest of the post about us going to the mall?? 😥 Spice girls afe very orinignal, have fun though!!

    • haha i agree, thanks! But i think they had to do with Massie’s creativity! 😉 Thanks, i loveed Dyl and Massies! Im going to do it soon, since you all earned it;) Thanks, massie came up with it!

  3. Hey K! I love the tag, I lol’d that you’d want to be named Ariel! I always thought that name was cute. And as I remember… we made those stunning dresses for Designers 😉 I can’t wait to work on our Halloween costumes!


  4. hey girlie! Loved the tag answers 😉
    Cute pictures!
    BTW i think we are in the same clique now!
    Classically Claire

  5. All the dresses are gorgeous!
    Spice Girls is a very original and ah-mazing idea for a costume!
    I can’t wait to see the costumes!


  6. Like I mentioned on MBL’s post, I love yours and Dylan’s dress. I think they are be-yawned fabu.

    Aw. Ariel’s my best-friends name, lawl :).

    Much Love – BabyCee.

  7. Alicia Rivera

    Great tag answers! Super cuh-yoote dresses! 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  8. You guys awl looked beautiful just as usual, luh-v the dress by the way 😉 I luh-v your guys’s Halloween costume x 10! I will toe-tally enter Maddie’s contest!
    I heart you,

    • Thanks girlie! Thank ya, specially designed by each one of us! THANK U! U get a shoutout just for entering ;)! Im easy like that! Thank ya, IM SO Excited to wear it! We beez looking hott yall!

  9. iMassiekur

    Thanks for doing the TAG! I’ll definitely advertise you on my next upcoming post. I loved the answers btw! 🙂


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