Are you ready for this

Well, Halloween is a day away, and I still have not showed you my costume. Not like me, the reason: I can’t decide. Which one is cuter? The girls and I are going to be the spice girls, here is the order.

Massie: Posh Spice

Alicia: Scary Spice

Dylan: Ginger Spice

Kristen: Sporty Spice

Claire: Baby Spice

Massie is going to have my doggie with her!


Party, Party, Party.

When the hottest party is thrown, the hottest girls must come. We will be attending Ryan O’Dell’s Halloween Party. It is going to be amazing!

Important Info:

Well we did it, we finally got not only a dylan, but a claire! I am so excited to have these 2 new amazing chickas in our PC! If I have not told you already here are the links:



Shower them with love! They are so wonderful!

Also something very important, if you have not realized already, I have deleted my RL blog. My mom and I were talking, and we think i should not have it because of general internet things, nothing to do with anyone! I hope you all understand!

Now I have redone my extras pages! I have a category for Real Life pages and Role Playing pages.

Alright Which costume is better:

Need to choose for tomorrow! Who is ready to get some candy!

I have an idea. I think we should give out some Glossip Girl Tubes! Ah-course with candy! Just a thought, what do you think?

Well new post coming again later today, so watch for it!

But that is only girls if i get at least 10 comments and 3 likes!

New Post- AMB

New Post- Alicia 

New Post- ARHY

New Makeover- Lauren




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15 responses to “Are you ready for this

  1. Alicia Rivera

    Super cuh-yoote costume ideas chicka! I would go with the third costume! Thanks for the shout out 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  2. Hey Kris! I loveeee option 3! Definitely my fave 🙂 Sorry you had to delete your RL blog, but I understand. Can’t wait for Halloween!


  3. Hey i love outfit 2!
    So excited for the party!
    Im about to post my outfit 🙂
    Thanks for the shout-out!
    Classically Claire

  4. Cindy ♚

    Hey girl,
    I love the first PV! Super cute!
    You girls are going to look SUPER CUH-YUTEE! ❤
    Wish I can see them on y'all!
    Check out my blog! New post!

  5. You girlies are going to lok so ah-dorable! Can’t wait to see pictures, if you snap any [:

    Je t’adore,

  6. Kaddie

    Hey Kris!
    I’m sure you all looked gorgeous(; Your outfit selections are super cute!

  7. legitmassieblock

    Its a little late but I would have voted the 3rd option on the blawg. Check out this new “it” online school, its just starting up!
    bisou bisou,

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