But all GOOD things gotta come to an end

Well yesterday my RL boyfriend and I broke up. I was super upset yesterday, but I woke up this morning in my big bed with hot chocolate ready and a feeling of being ok. I guess you can pray to God about boys! And i will smile because it happend. Well on to other news!

Fashion Expedition

I have recieved 6 out of 7 entries. There is one more I need! So you know who you are, please work on it. The deadline is: Wednesday!

Give Me a W give me a I give me a N

What does that spell WIN! That’s what we did! We WON! Cheer was amazing, the boys and my brother were there!  We are headed to Regionals! yay! We could not be more excited! Friday we hopped in the cheer bus and headed to practice in NYC.  We didn’t get time to see our hotels or much of NYC because we had to head straight to practice! Here is what I wore:


Saturday Morning We all got text messages from the boys congratulating us on the win! After that we met in the lobby and grabbed a bite to eat. Arriving, we had heard that ten teams performed before us, but they were not as good as us. We had some mistakes but overall we were great! Two hours later and we were gleaming with happiness! Taking turns holding the trophy, not being able to wipe the smiles off of our lit up faces. When they called our name we almost stood there for ten minutes! After the meet, we finally got time to rest, but of course didn’t. We decided to tour the city with the boys.

While seeing the city, one of Derrick’s friends Ian grabbed me by the hand and under the bridge asked if I would like to get some ice cream, and i said YES! After getting ice cream it was dark and we sat under the bridge looking at the stars. We sat there as he held me in his arms and gave me a kiss, brushing my face. I didn’t want the night to end. I knew once we were back in Westchester, we would be inseprable!

So tonight we went out with the crushes to celebrate our win! Here is what i wore


Tomorrow We will be going home




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17 responses to “But all GOOD things gotta come to an end

  1. Aw Katie. I’m giving you a virtual hug right now. :[
    That’s great about cheer! You guys were fantastic!
    Ian sounds pretty fabulous. Introduce me once you get back to the cold W-C.

  2. Hey Katie! I am sawrry x 10 to hear ah-bout you & your real life boyfriend breaking up, I just broke up with mine too! Ehmagawd congratulations awn getting first place! I knew you guys would win 😉 Sounds like you and Ian had fun, you guys sound super cuh-ute!
    I heart you,

  3. Sorry bout the breakup! I hate that!
    Check Out My Blog?

  4. Hey Kris! Ehma-yay I am soooo happy that we won 🙂 Plus you and Ian are so freaking cute 🙂 Not as cute as me and Derrick though 😉 Haha Jk 🙂


  5. Alicia Rivera

    That’s too bad you broke up with your boyfriend 😦 But I’m glad your feeling better! Congradulations awn winning the cheering competition!! Seems like your having a guh-reat time in NYC!! Get awn meebo when you can chicka! 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  6. Hey soo sorry about you and your bf 😦 I hope your okay!
    Ahh cheer was amazing! I still cant believe we won! Wohoo!
    Haha awww you and Ian are cute. He is cute 😉 Lol
    But dont worry my heart is all for Cam 🙂
    Classically Claire

  7. Aww, Katie! Sorry to hear about the boy drama. *hugs*
    That’s great that you won in cheer! Congrats!
    Oooh, you and Ian sound cute! 😀
    Great post!

    Je t’adore,

  8. iMassiekur

    LOVE this! Except the part about you and your RL bf breaking up. Boys can be jerks but I’m sure you’re better without him.
    Congrats on cheer , I’m sure you girls were fabulous!!!


    • Thanks!! That means a lot! Yeah ik, ive learned some boys aren’t worth my tears! Thanks! We got a video so we can watch our performance again! See what we did wrong haha! New post! REAding urs right now

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