Road Trip Girls

So the PC and I decided to have some fun this weekend 😉 Here’s how it all went down!

Dylan:  Ugh, I am SO sick of staying in WChester! Can we do something?

Me: How about a road trip?

We all screamed, even me. It sounded like fun, and all we had to do was figure out where we were headed! I asked the PC Where we should go and we came up with riding around to different places in NY we had never been to! So we packed our bags, jumped in the car, and headed down the highway!

Fast forward about an hour were in the car jamming to music! As we turn I turn on the radio in the passenger seat, Massie driving, Leesh in the middle back, Dyl in the left back, and Claire in right back, we all start singing! The minute Sexy and I Know It came on, you should know we had to rock the car! As if that was not enough, Alicia had to pee. SO, we stopped In a store, nawt a gas station ew, and guess what NO GIRLS BATHROOM! Are you kidding! So, we all ended up going in the boys bathroom because Leesh was convinced she would be a freak if she went in alone. Got kinda interesting, here are some pictures.

They looked at us as if we were crazy, indeed we were 😉
Massie Just Couldn’t Stop Laughing, although none of us could!
Well after we had done what we came in there for we left, and hopped in the car! Not knowing what was in for us 😉
All of a sudden we had NO IDEA where we were! Nawt good! Claire suggested pulling out a map! Well, to their surprise I knew how to handle this one! I checked the map, and figured out the routes and such. Before we knew it, we saw the sign! Home Sweet Home, said Leesh! We finally got back! But, being the girls we are, we made a few stops along the way, if you know what I mean 😉  Perhaps, I’ll explain in pictures.
Don’t tell me you can pass up a starbucks!
 We stopped in Central Park! We played in the leave piles, climbed trees, saw boyyss!
When we were in the bathroom we took a picture! Did you know that if you hold the camera above you and take a picture, it makes you look skinnier haha! True story!
Me and Dyl, i LOVE this picture!
Well I bee going to bed now, so if you want more of the post, which THERE IS PLENTY OF! Then chickas you must meet the requierments!
Good Night


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12 responses to “Road Trip Girls

  1. Kaddie

    Cute post! Haha sounds like quite the adventure(;

  2. legitmassieblock

    Sounds like you all had an awesome time! When’s the judging for Fashion Expedition?
    bisou bisou,

  3. hehe so fun! Love ya kris!
    Did ya check out my new fashion blog?-
    BTW did i ever tell you i love your make-over
    Classically Claire

  4. Omg the boys bathroom story was hilarious! really cute pics and captions
    ♥ Hearts

  5. Alicia Rivera

    Seems like you guys had a guh-reat time! Road trips are ah-lways fun! 🙂 Ahahah that’s huh-larious that you had to go into the boys bathroom!! 😛

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  6. Hey K! I lovedddd our road trip 🙂 Except the part where we got lost but thank gawd you know how to use a map 😉


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