Galore Me Amore

Love! Isn’t wonderful! Well Mes chéris, love is in the air! And I have a wish! I wish to be kissed under the misteltoe! SO Romantic! Wonder if it will come true??? Well  on that note, with love in the air 😉 I have some news Mes Cheries!

IAN and I Are Officially dating!  EmaYAY! Wanna know how he asked??? It was the cutest thing eva! So we went on a hangout date thing, and we were under the stars in my backyard and we had ordered chinease! Yum! Well little did i know, he specially ordered it! In my fortune cookie, the fortune was and i qu0te “Will You Be My Girlfriend”

EHHHH! I said yes uhv-course! After we layed down on a blanket my head in his chest, and we looked at the stars! We saw a chooting star, and back to my wish i wished to be kissed under the misteltoe! I asked him what his wish was, and he said it already came true! AWW! ❤ ❤ ❤

En amour je suis! In love I am! It’s perfect timing too! Christmas and New Years! Speaking of! I came up with a beyond amazing idea! Secret Santa! I wanted my PC to do it, and we will oh course! but Massie took it furthur to say the whole WP RPers to have a secret santa! Sound fun? I cant wait to start it!

On to other news!

Fashion expedition!

I have recieved my entries! and i am judging them now! I will let you all know when i will anounce the winner of the challenge!

Yesterday I went shopping in real life! I am going to do a haul later on what I bought, sound good?

Well Talk to ya later


Ps. Massie Or Trashy Page Is updated!



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16 responses to “Galore Me Amore

  1. Hey Kristen! Ehmagawd that is so ah-dorable ah-bout how Ian asked you to be his girlfriend! I am jealous x 10. 😀 I luh-v the idea of the secret santa, I can’t wait to do it!

  2. Hey Kristen (:
    Awwh, that’s so cute how he asked you to be his girlfriend.
    Secret Santa sounds like such a great idea.


  3. Sarah Candace♥

    Congrats about Ian. He sounds super-romantic!
    Happy holidays,
    ♥Sarah Candace

  4. Aww im so happy for you kris 🙂
    Thats sooo cute 🙂
    Cant wait to hear more about secret santa.
    CHeck out my new blog?:
    P.S.- new post on my claire blog
    Classically Claire

    • Thanks! ikr! I just had to kiss him! Thanks, me too! Sure thing! I ahve been reading them, just letting you know! Just not commenting as much cause i have a lot of buisinnes in my life! Sure thing!

  5. Aww, that’s great news Kristen! Congrats [:
    So here’s my set, sorry it’s so late;
    Life’s busy, ya know?

    Je t’adore,

  6. Ur boyfriend sounds so romantic! Congratulations. 🙂
    Oh I’ve done the secret santa thing b4. It’s where everyone is assigned someone that they have to buy a present but that person doesn’t know so it’s a secret, right???

    ❤ Lily

  7. Alicia Rivera

    That is super cuh-yoote how he asked you!!! 🙂 I cannawt wait to find out who won the challenge!

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

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