Good Morning Darling

Good morning darlings, how are we all? Sorry for the late update!!! But baby, I’m back! Thank you all for sticking around and caring enough to look and comment, I love you all!  So christmas is coming soon, 8 days am I right? Here are my lists!

My wishlist:

Coral Pop Bracelet

Zoe Headband

Bailey Button UGGS

H&M Gift Card


Starbucks Gift Card

BCBG Pink Glitter Border Wool Scarf

Charm For Her Charm Bracelet

Stila Daydream Palette


Ralph Lauren Gift Card

Eos Holiday Lip Balm Collection

Coach Poppy Flower

Stila Holiday Lip Glaze Set



Wonderstruck perfume

Kardashian Kollection Python Bag


Jewlrey Box

Spa gift card

Bow Clutch


CD with our songs

Ray Bans

Saints Football Jersey

My Kiss

Fashion Expedition Challenge Two:

This challenge My Dears Will Be The First Challenge Where A Contestant Will Be Leaving. Sorry For The Wait.


Go to a trift store, you have 15 minutes to buy and purchase anything. With waht you come up with is what you will work with. The goal is to make use of what you have in the time frame. Lets keep this simple, no dresses. The outfit must be put together. I f you have any questions let me know!




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20 responses to “Good Morning Darling

  1. Hey kris, great post. and lists 😉 lol i will have a new post up 2day

  2. Kaddie

    Hey Kristen,
    Love your Christmas wishlist and everyone else’s (:

  3. I love you and PC’s wishlists! Your challenge sounds cool, girlie! 🙂


  4. legitmassieblock

    Polyvore set right? I loved all the presents! So cute!
    bisou bisou,

  5. Hey K! Welcome back, finally 🙂 I promise not to peek at my Christmas presents 😉 Your challenge sounds really interesting! I may be a total loser and love thrift stores so it should be fun!


  6. -M.

    I love your Christmas lists! And I heart your contest too! I might just enter it haha 🙂

    Au Revoir,

  7. Hey M! Thanks! haha, you better not! Thanks! haha awesome!

  8. Sarah Candace♥

    Awesome gifts!
    Now I think it is about…hmm…4 days?? So syked!
    Until your next post,
    ♥Sarah Candace

  9. Alicia Rivera

    Super cuh-yoote stuff in the wishlists chicka! 🙂 I’ll get started awn the challenge aysap!

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  10. heeyy!

    I rated you blawg on my Do I ❤ you should check it out!

  11. Cute post and page. I abs love it!
    -New Post!
    -Jocey, Joe, Jocelyn 🙂

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