The long and awaited

Well hello there! Sorry about being so MIA! But I’m officially back! Back from what you say, well I took a little hiatus, not telling you all. I kinda needed a break for a little while, and with everyone leaving I didn’t want to scare anyone! But guess who’s back, better than ever? MOI! And she is ready to get down to buisness! So here I go!


We recently have an opening for a Dylan in our PC, so visit the OCD Site!

We also do have some new editions to our lovely OCD, here there are now spam them with love! – She is amazing! i heart her posts, and she recentley revealed herself she is so pretty! shower her with love! So awesome, her posts- lovely! She is a great blogger! I love her posts, and her blog is so cute!

That wintery feel

Don’t you love it! I do, but christmas is over. Sadly, but there is always new years am i right!? Speaking of Kennedy and I are hosting a New Years Parrty! Mostly kennedy, she is hosing and asked me to co-host. Here is what I got for Christmas, In real life.


Coach Purse and Keychain

3 Movies

3 CD’s

Justin Bieber Calender

Instagram back


2 Books

Some stuff for my room

Pillow Pet 😛


Picture Frame

Plaque of me and my friends for my wall

Just Dance 3

MJ experience


2 Itunes Gif cArds

3 Bracelets


All seasons of friends

Shirt from J-Crew

Good Christmas how about you!

So are you ready to hear about what I got Ian for christmas and what he got me, well here is how it went.

As I drove up to his house I got a little nervous, what if he thinks its too much, what if its not enough!! I quickly called the girls for reassurment, and I got it. As i got into the house he greeted me with this big smile and a hug, I instantly felt better, just the slightest smile or hug from him can make my whole day. We went outside and sat on the swings like little kids. I gave him a little note that read:

Dear Ian,

You don’t know how nervous I am just sitting here with you( then he looked up and kissed my cheek) I am fully completely in love with you. Merry Christmas. I can’t even write a letter because I can’t wait to see you, so as I hop into the car, I am here right now this very moment dreaming of you, waiting to see you and jump in your arms. Merry Christmas Baby.

And with that he opened the box, and pulled out a note reading

Here lay a gift card for us to buy two tickets to whereever you want to go, and venture out.  He just couldn’t help but smile. He came and kissed my cheek and unwrapped the rest of the gift, which was Ralph Lauren Cologne, the one he hinted about all week, and a cheesy pair of snoopy boxers. Later on he told me he would be right back, but a few seconds later I felt his big strong hands on my waist, pulling me towards him and giving me the  biggest kiss I had ever recieved. He was wonderful, and best yet all mine. He gave me a huge box. I unwrapped it to find another wrapped box, starring at me was a puppy. A beautiful puppy. I pulled it out and kissed it, we decided to name it Charlie, but that wasn’t all. Attached to Charlie’s collar was a ring. No he didn’t pop it out get on one knee and propse. What it was was a promise  ring, and it was perfect. I knew what it meant, so he took it off slid it on my finger lifted me up and kissed me. It was wonderful, and I’m floating on clouds.

Here I am today sitting on my douvay, mac in lap, vanilla bean frappe at my side, typing with my emerald green essie nail polish another gift from the girls. Well I figured you all would want to see the ring, so here it is. Hope you all like it, i know i certainly do!

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year





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16 responses to “The long and awaited

  1. Hey Kris!
    I heart your gifts that you got OOC!
    Awh, what a cute little exchange with you and Ian! That’s so sweet of him to give you a puppy and the promise ring❤
    PS. New post, check it out? (:

  2. hndbff1999

    OMG we both got like… mostly the same stuff for XMAS! lol! Aww… that is sooo romantic! He seems so sweet!
    -Haleigh ❤ 🙂

  3. Aww… that’s so romantic! Ian seems sooo sweet!
    -Jocey, Joe, Jocelyn 🙂

  4. Kristen Michelle Gregory

    Aww those are the sweetest presents (both RL and RP), haha!
    Ian seems adorable!
    Check out my blawggie, please? New post!


  5. Great Post!Glad you are back.Your Christmas list is awesome.Ian seems so sweet

  6. Thank girlie! I am too! THank ya, and he really is ♥


  8. Alicia Rivera

    I’m guh-lad your nawt leaving chicka! That’s so cuh-yoote that he gave you a puppy and a promise ring!! Awe! 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

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