You know so many people are gonna hate you… or hate your actions. but they are the ones who need to give you inspiration. when they tell you to give up you go right up to them and tell them to try again. There are some songs i love love to listen to.. partly cause thhey make me feel special..or give me love hope or inspiration. the ones about people doing others wrong.. but NOT GIVING UP. the ones i love like Take a bow by rihanna, she loves this boy but she knows hes not good for her and she does whats righjt… I want to be that girl.. So what i do is i be the best i can, give people second chances, but when those chances turn in to 5th’s and then 10’s and on and on i can’t do it.. so I turn to music.. I’ve always wanted to be a singer… give people something to want to wake up to.. give hope and inspiration like a national anthem to live by. But dreams are only dreams right…. no, see that is where I am wrong… They are not dreams, unless you let them be, so don’t, thats the point, Run after your dreams, don’t keep them locked up in a box. So i have an idea… Maybe i can make a youtoube channel sing and act out some songs. see if i get any hits.. what do you think? I may not ever become a singer but its worth the try right? I think so! love this! I love your sets! I do one thing that scares me each day… gettin scarier now.. it really helps. I know im beautiful.. we all need to know we are thats when i look at my self and see a perfect picture i take it! I take like 10 and i have a file on my phone called Imperfection Perfected by Katie
ITs all the pictures i took even the yucky ones and its me as a little kid even playing with peoples cameras and phones… uup to this very day and it has captions ones about the days when i ran away the days i felt like i was unloved hopless and alone… It shows the person I am and one day im gonna put it all in a book… Its gonna be a best seller…. that sounds conceited and maybe i am but it helps me become stronger, more like the person i wwant to and will one day be.

Sometimes you have to run away just to see who will follow, and put up walls just to see who is brave enough to break them down.

If you want to see the set here it is




That one was from the heart



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18 responses to “Rant

  1. hndbff1999

    Super cute post. I love your determination and inspiration. BTW, you have been nominated for Blogger of the Month on my blog!
    -Haleigh ❤ 🙂

  2. Ah-mazingggg I luh-ved your post Kristen! It really touched the heart! Happy new years!


  3. Alicia Rivera

    That’s very true! Not everyone will like you when they meet you! We awll need to realize that! I deffinitely think you should make a youtube channel! Maybe your dream will come true one day! 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  4. Hey Kris!
    If you did not know, I gave a little shutout to you on my bloggie called http://www.everythingaboutmoi.wordpress.com 🙂 I think you really deserve it! 🙂
    Would to please check out my blog called:?
    Thanks! U rock! 🙂
    Miss A ^^.

  5. kristengregoryxoxo

    You should try to make your dream come true whether people want it or not!! Because one day it will come true!! Check me out? Im a new Kristen on WP so search me?



  6. Samantha Betzag

    Hey, totally love the blog! Check out mine sometime!

  7. Hey Katie 🙂 I loved this post, it was written beautifully! I love the idea of you singing on youtube videos, I would definitely listen to them! And like you said, why not? It doesn’t really hurt to try 🙂


  8. Hey Girl, thanks so much! thanks i needa talk with my mom, and thanks that means a lot, and so true!

  9. Aww, so heartwarming 🙂 really touching, i loved it. I missed you girl, i’m back!

    I heart you,

  10. ariverasplapha

    I ah-dore this(:


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