A Little Bit Longer And I'll Be Fine

Well this is really no way to say hello. But i felt you guys all know to deserve this little piece of information. Its really importatn. I just cutt.

I have probably about 30 slits. It really stings. Don’t worry I used a scissor. Not a knife!!!!!!

But please don’t worry! i stopped!! I hid everything, even though I know where it is.

Just pray.

I’m telling you all because I know i’m never judged in your eyes, and i know you guys will help me through this journey.

I Love you all.

Oh by the way, that song is da bomb digityy!!! lol




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37 responses to “Ummm

  1. Kaddie

    Dudee, I’ll definitely pray for you. If you ever need to talk, you know how to reach me. ❤

  2. Heyy Girlie, I hope you are okay, and I will pray for you, even though I not really christian because I believe something different, but I still will pray for you.
    I know life is stressful, because today I came home crying, Crying! Just because some girls didn’t like my hair, then my teacher yelled at me, and this is a true story, it happen today. So just know, that we all know lifes hard, but please tell someone you cut because we or they can help you get through whatever you need. So please email me at if you need to talk.
    I’m here for you. ❤

    Je t’aime,
    ~♔Skye A. Hamilton♔

    • Thanks, I am doing much better! it really means a lot! Lol! Im sorry, you are beautiful the way you are, you are amazing.
      Don’t foget it, or let antyone tell you different.
      Thanks i will! ❤

  3. Omg, im so sorry!
    I will definitely pray for you. Its a good think you at least told us because we can help you through it, but you should think of telling someone else.
    If you want to talk please e-mail me, im available anytime.
    ( p.s. this is your old claire on my new blog)
    Dont worry, everything will be okay. Life can be hard but i know you will make it through
    my email is


    • Exactly!!! And i did, i told 3 of my best friends, they are really supportive!
      Thank you all for being here/. I sure will! thank yu, and lol i recognized the name!! Thank you love ❤

  4. Kaddie

    Best comment^ right there by Skye! I agree with her. At the end of this, once you overcome all your hardships, you’ll be stronger than ever! Remember that we all love you and keep your chin up. ❤

  5. kristengregoryxoxo

    No matter what made u slit urself, you can overcome it and you’ll be better than ever. so just ignore whats hurting you and don’t let it bother you!! I hope you’ll be fine afterwards and I hope it all passes!! But please know that we all love you x 10 and are worried!!! Of course we don’t judge you! But just please don’t cut yourself. Just say to what made you “I’m 10x stronger than you and I know better”.


    P.S. You are gorgeous, funny, smart, and ah-mazing! Don’t let anyone/anything tell you other wise…

    • Thank you, honestly it was stupid. and then some. but thank you so much, i know im stronger and it wasnt worth it. thanks u guys again for being here. Love you!!!! Awww thank you love!!

  6. The World of Girl

    OMG, Kris, I’m so sorry. Will definetly pray for you. Hope you are better soon. 🙂
    You are gorgeous, inside and out. 😉

  7. ill def pray!i just hope you stop.all us girls on wordpress will pray and we all really care!email me if you need to talk..


  8. Hey Katie, love you! Just try and keep you’re head up and not get discouraged about things that get you down. Having something you do when you’re upset like exercising, painting, coloring, etc.. can help distract you if you’re upset and feeling like you want to cut again. Text me anytime if you want to talk 🙂

  9. merialjohanna

    I’m praying already . Girl , you’re strong and when you put your mind to it , you can accomplish anything . Don’t let the world bring you down . You’re beautiful & nobody can change that . We’re all here for you girl ! We all love you . You’re deffs not alone hun , we’re all here for you if you need to talk !

    xx, merialjohanna

  10. Katie,
    Ehmagawd. I feel terrible. I havn’t been awn in forever, and I havn’t really gotten to know the real you. Puh-lease promise me that you will never ever cut yourself again. If you ever want to talk just IM, meebo, or email me at any time 🙂 I hope you are feeling better & I love you girly!
    I heart you,

    • Oh please don’t feel bad! i have not been on in SOO long and its getting hard to catch up and i feel like a horrible person and like im failing
      I cant promise but i can try!!
      And i will boo love you too!

  11. PS: I’m praying for you. Also, I’m crying right now because I feel so bad for you. Please feel free to email me at any time. I’m here for you.

  12. Alicia Rivera

    Ohmygoodness are your okay? I’ll definitely pray for you and I hope your better soon ❤ It brought tears to my eyes to realize that people go through so much pain that they end up cutting themselves 😦 Let me know if I can do anything, I'll always be here if you need me or want to talk about it.

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  13. This almost made me cry. I really hope you get better and I’ll absolutely pray for you.You can talk to me if you want to whenever, My AIM is loveleeshrivera and my e-mail is . Next time you feel the urge to slit, you can overcome it and say ‘I’m stronger than this.’ I don;t really know you, but I;m here for you, and so are all of these girls who commented. ❤
    Hearts, Leesh

  14. legitmassieblock

    Stay strong girlie, you may not remember me but always know I will always care about you and I will always be here, without judging you. I didn’t even know you that well but I knew…wait I mean KNOW that you are amazing and of course beautiful! ❤ you!
    bisou bisou,

  15. legitmassieblock

    definetly! what’s your e-mail?
    bisou bisou,

  16. Hey K! Where have you been? You doing okay? Email me (:

  17. ariverasplapha

    ur starting 2 worry me girly! Its a Given that i’ll pray. Get better.


  18. legitmassieblock

    Ok you’ve been gone long enough leave a comment of something!
    bisou bisou,

  19. Kris,
    I hope you are back soon, I’m starting to get scared! I hope you are doing better, email me if you want to talk ❤

  20. OMG! I’m so sorry! I hope you will get better soon. I know life is hard sometimes. I got bullied for 3 years straight. If you would like to email me and talk then I would love that. I am totally and will always be here for you<3

  21. Hey Kristen! Miss you 😦 You need to come back soonnnnn!

    P.S: Just so everyone knows, I talked to Kris a week or so ago and she said she’s been super busy and may not be back at her blog for awhile so don’t worry, someone has heard from her! 🙂 We love you Katie, get your butt back here soon!

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