The 365 Challenge

Question of the day!  Each day or every other day will have a new question! I will answer and so will you!  something special! its called the 365 challenge! Each day u get a ? u have to answer then you journal it! We will start today!

Question: Ten Things you would bring on a deserted island!

Answer: 1. a mirror 2. Swiss Army Knife  3. Fireworks 4. tshirts 5. gum 6. radio 7.Tarp 8. Fishing Pole 9. Sleeping Bag 10. A friend


-Mirror- hold it over wood: Starts a fire

-Swiss Army Knife- trim your hair, cut your fingernails, and fashion small tools out of wood and cut and deskin fish

– Fireworks- Let the helicoptors or people know where u are

-tshirts-rip off pieces and use a twig and fabric to close up wounds(ask for more deets) and wear them

– Gum- stick things together and hold them together


Tarp-part of your shelter, but it can also be used to collect rain water and keep warm.or make a boat

fishing pole- fish for food, use the line,

sleeping bag- sleep in

Friend- usefull for alot!


Whats your opinon?

I will post 3 of the answers i recieve soon!

Kiss Kiss



2 responses to “The 365 Challenge

  1. So true chica. I ah-gree that we have disappointments to grow stronger. God made it that way. Those disappointments awr meant to do us some good.
    Heart You Forever,
    Alicia Rivera

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