♥CurrentlyIn My Closet♥

                                                           Whats in My Closet?

This page will be:

1.My favorite items in my closet

2.What I am wearing each day

3.What I am wearing to a party or event

4.Tips on anything you guys want to know!

5.Return or Keep!

6. Suggestions

7.Buy or Fly!


1. I will put up some of my favorite items and you guys can tell me what to wear with it and what goes and stuff!

2. When I either put on an outfit or lay it down I will show you what I plan on wearing today and you can tell me if I should wear it or if I should switch something up or style it differently.
3.I can put up options and you can rate them and tell me if I should wear it or not, and you can pick something out for me too.
4. If you are wondering any fashion,makeup,or anything kinda questions,lol,
then u can commentand ill post them with an answer.
5. I wil make this a fun little game. I will show you the things i buy after a shopping trip OR i will show you hand me downs from my older sister and you guys can say Return it or Keep!
6.You can post suggestions that you think i should have and buy!
7. If your ever in doubt and dont know if u should buy it or make it fly away comment and ill help!
So i will see if the page gets hits if it
Does: Ill keep the page
Doesnt: Delete!!!!!

14 responses to “♥CurrentlyIn My Closet♥

  1. Cuh-yoot idea. Good luck with it.
    Heart You forever,
    Alicia Rivera

  2. Blair Waldorf♚

    Beautiful blog and cute header. 🙂


  3. ;&->Arielle

    =) Love the page =).

  4. hndbff1999

    cute idea, totes luv it.
    -Haleigh ❤ 🙂

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