♥Foods by Moods♥

Anyone like baking or cooking?

(raises hand)I DO I DO 

Well this page will have really cool recipies for each mood and for each taste!

We will do tastes first! If you want recipes for them comment and ill post them!

Tart: FroYo! Pink Grapefruitt! Lemon Marang! Mini Fruit Tarts!  Cranberry Shortbread Tarts! Chocolate Bannana Drizzle! Arizona Lemon Bars! 

Sweet: Cinamin Rolls! Jello Cake! Strawberry whipcream cake! Blue Cloud Punch! Butterscotch Pecan Tea Bread! Cinamin Apples! Cake batter ice cream! CHOCOLATE!





Will update soon!

In a few weeks will be moods and then a special one!


4 responses to “♥Foods by Moods♥

  1. Alee

    Can’t wait for this! Such a good idea!

  2. hndbff1999

    Haha this is so cute!

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