Memories And Pictures!

This Page will be filled with memories and pictures! For each picture u can comment a memory!

Hope you like the pictures, they will be updated every now and then!



Look at my pretty rings!

hehe funny faces

Halloween last year

Halloween 2010



Pretty Lake

Me and mass got caught in the rain

Whos that hottie!

Me on a rollercoaster with a cutie!

Me and a beach hottie!

our hands



6 responses to “Memories And Pictures!

  1. Alee

    omg i luv this site! lil kristen is soo cute! so is massie!

  2. Alee

    They are cute. I saw tiny Massie and thought, “aww!’

  3. hndbff1999

    Luv da pic of da hands. Totes cute!
    -Haleigh ❤ 🙂

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