Ian ♥ Kristen Jamais

♥Ian Loves Kristen Forever Inspiration And Credit By: http://dmarvsblawggie.wordpress.com

This Is A Short Version Of Kristen And Ian’s Love Story

Coming Soon


19 responses to “Ian ♥ Kristen Jamais

  1. actually, it means ian loves kristen a lot/ very much. forever is jamais

  2. Ian is adorable 🙂

    ❤ Lily

  3. legitmassieblock

    Hey Kris Ian is cuh-yute! Anyways BTW Ian aime Kristen toujours means Ian still likes Kristen. Ian loves Kristen forever is Ian adore Kristen jamais.
    bisou bisou,
    P.S. if you still don’t believe me type it into to google translater with the words lower case. Remember lower case! You can keep the names upper case

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  5. so cute!!!love it so much.thanks for the credit!


  6. Oooh he is hawt! Leesh likes 😀

  7. Super cute page! Adorbs pics!! Luv it!!
    -Jocey, Joe, Jocelyn 🙂

  8. Ah-dorable. Enough said. ❤

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