if you let me, here’s what i’ll do i’ll take care of you

I need someone to do this!

Any Suggestions For The Christmas Makeovers?

Let Me Know

~~~Quotes Of The Moment~~~

Can U  Guess What Im feeling??

Im tryin to accept the fact that i know im going to end up crying myself to sleep tonite




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12 Days Of Makeover

Dear December Darlings,

The Title Pretty Much Says It All, Dont Cha Think? Basically Once It Gets Down To  12 days before Christmas I will start to do a makeover each day. On the last day, you guys can pick which one I put back up for the rest of january. Sound good? I  thought it would be cute. As I sat bored in Social Studies Class I thought of the idea!

Noteworthy News

3 New Pages Are Up girlies!

1. Belle Fille- A Basic Page About My life, it does have 1 major announcement so check it! I will Be Updating it every other week or day with a post about my life! The first few being ones getting to know me!

2. December Darling- Well To Get The Background You Must Visit The Page 😉 It will consist of things that happen in december in my life, my december favorites, and a tip for each day in december! And one more thing… It makes sense once you read the page

3. Ian Aime Kristen Toujours – Ian Loves Kristen Forever: Inspired By Dmarvesblawggie.wordpress.com

New Post Bloggies





http://imassiekur4ever.wordpress.com/— Very Important Post!!!

December Darlings:






Till The Snow Melts,



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Country Girl

You say Lady Gaga, I say Lady Antebellum. You say Jason Derulo, I say Jason Aldean. You say T-Pain, I say T-Swift. You say Ke$ha, I say Kenny. You say Pitbull, I say Paisley. You say Justin Bieber, I say Justin Moore.

I skipped past on the rocks leading to the backyard, humming to Fallin For You, which was perfect for the mood! As soon as I was in the backyard, my attention was drawn to the ground.  Layed out in a heart shape on the ground, were leaves. In the middle of the heart lay a note, it read:

Kristen, Over the last few weeks, getting to know you was beyond wonderful!I want more than anything to continue that, Follow the path …


And with that I went on following the leaves through the forest to a fountain. On the ground by the fountain a note read:

The way to do that is to hear what I have to say, so here it goes baby girl…


Little did I know, he was hiding in the forest waiting for me, and all of a sudden, I felt the warm hand gripping mine as I turned around to find Ian gripping my hand, leading me to the gazebo, where the music played.

‘ll be your crying shoulder,
I’ll be love’s suicide
I’ll be better when I’m older,
I’ll be the greatest fan of your…
I’ll be your crying shoulder,
I’ll be love’s suicide
I’ll be better when I’m older,
I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.

The greatest fan of your life.
…greatest fan of your life.

It Was Perfect, I Never Wanted It To End. Especially not after the words that came out of his beautiful lips next.

Every Time I See Your Face My Heart Skips A Beat, And I Don’t Want It To Ever Go Away…

Even After The Gift It was the words he had said to me that night that left a mark on my heart, He is perfect in every way!  The beautiful necklace he gave me:
The Heart He Wears Around His Neck, The Key That Fits On Mine….
1 x 1" Key To My Heart Necklace Set
The Charm to go onto my bracelet
Tiffany Notes Letter "K" disc charm
Oh, And The Little Note Inside, well that one’s a secret ;)…..


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Yes I’m falling for you, but there’s nothing wrong with that

Thanksgiving Morning, I grab my sweat pants, and a H&M tank, toss my hair up in a bun, grab my phone and head downstairs for breakfast, just in time to meet Sebastian at the stairs. Well, Happy Thanksgiving, he said! A little to loud, might I add. What are you wearing, I asked, looking down at his khaki shorts, and polo. It’s freezing! How are you not cold? With A roll of his eyes and a little smirk, we went down for breakfast. We feasted our eyes on french toast, breakfast parfeits, OJ, and pancakes with syrup and strawberries on top! Sebastian and I gave each other a look, smiled, and dug in! All of a sudden, i felt my phone vibrate and heard my lovely rihanna ring tone. Which by the way was perfect for the person it was set for ;)! As i smiled, I read the text from Ian: Good Morning Beautiful, Happy Thanksgiving, meet me outside in your backyard, follow the path… Ian. I swear to you I could not get the smile off of my face, and for that Mom asked what was up! Well nothing I could tell her and expect her to understand. So, …. I told Sebastian, haha! He was happy for me, and we both shared that gleaming smile.

As,  I got dressed to meet Ian, I texted all the girls! I had to tell them everything! We were super excited, and they snuck through the window, to help me figure out what to wear.

I ended up going with

The Path to Ian


I took my sunburnt blonde hair, out of my bun. I straightened it, and curled a little section on the side and pinned it behind my ear. The girls insisted on picking out my makeup, so I let them.
With the girls help, i snuck out my window, and skipped to the backyard. The girls watching out the window behind me giving me thumbs up,  I was ready to meet Ian!
And with that comes a new post


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Fashion Expedition

Well My Little Rookies The Results are in and one of you is out!

You were judged based on Hair, Outfit, Representation-whether you represented your character well, and overall score. Now If you didnt have hair in the set, than you will be judged on accesories.  Here are the final results

OKG1, you were given Penny From Hairspray

Hair: 5/5

Outfit: 3.5/5

Representation: 8.5/10

Overall: 7.5/10

Claire, you were given Blaire from Gossip Girl

Hair: 3.5/5

Outfit: 5/5

Representation: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

Spalphaaliciarivera, you were given Amy Adams from Enchanted

Hair: 4/5

Outfit: 3/5

Representation: 6/10

Overall: 6.5/10

LegitMassieBlock, you were given Shirley Temple

Hair: 5/5



Overall: 10/10

Maddie, you were given Aria Montgomery From Pretty Little Liars


Outfit: 5/5

Representation: 9/10

Overall: 10/10

MBL, you were given Elle Woods from Legally Blonde


Outfit: 4/5

Representation: 9/10

Overall: 8.5/10

OMEB, you were given Rachel Berry From Glee

Hair: 4/5

Outfit: 5/5

Representation: 9/10

Overall: 9/10

Alright Girls Those are the scores, and the next challenge is coming soon!


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My Christmas Tree!

My Christmas Tree!

Set of 2 Metal Bow Ornaments
$12 – crateandbarrel.com

RAZ Lollipop Christmas Ornament
$11 – trendytree.com


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Galore Me Amore

Love! Isn’t wonderful! Well Mes chéris, love is in the air! And I have a wish! I wish to be kissed under the misteltoe! SO Romantic! Wonder if it will come true??? Well  on that note, with love in the air 😉 I have some news Mes Cheries!

IAN and I Are Officially dating!  EmaYAY! Wanna know how he asked??? It was the cutest thing eva! So we went on a hangout date thing, and we were under the stars in my backyard and we had ordered chinease! Yum! Well little did i know, he specially ordered it! In my fortune cookie, the fortune was and i qu0te “Will You Be My Girlfriend”

EHHHH! I said yes uhv-course! After we layed down on a blanket my head in his chest, and we looked at the stars! We saw a chooting star, and back to my wish i wished to be kissed under the misteltoe! I asked him what his wish was, and he said it already came true! AWW! ❤ ❤ ❤

En amour je suis! In love I am! It’s perfect timing too! Christmas and New Years! Speaking of! I came up with a beyond amazing idea! Secret Santa! I wanted my PC to do it, and we will oh course! but Massie took it furthur to say the whole WP RPers to have a secret santa! Sound fun? I cant wait to start it!

On to other news!

Fashion expedition!

I have recieved my entries! and i am judging them now! I will let you all know when i will anounce the winner of the challenge!

Yesterday I went shopping in real life! I am going to do a haul later on what I bought, sound good?

Well Talk to ya later


Ps. Massie Or Trashy Page Is updated!


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