PC- My Girlies

Hey Girlies! Its Me Kris! This Is my Page ALL about My Girls!

♥MASSIE♥The Alpha of our PC! One of my BFFS! Loves Shopping and purple! You should really get to know her! She’s AWSOME! Check out her site!!!

♥ALICIA♥We recently got a new Leesh! VERY Excited about this! Check her out!!!

She LUHVES BOYS BOYS BOYS! BUT Also Ralph Lauren! She wears it all the time! But hey give her prps, cause she makes it work! She is Another of my BFF’S and the Beta of our PC!

♥DYLAN♥Dyl is the 3rd in command in our PC! She is also AHV COURSSE one of my BFF’S! She is always self- conciouse about herself, BUT She ALWAYS Looks FAB! We all love her; but more than she loves food! She is a great friend! So, go see her site for yourself! Check Her Out!!!

CLAIRE– What can you say! So much to say, she is an amazing blogger! She loves candy! And Oh Loves CAM! Every Sunday, we get together for smoothies! She is 5th in command, after me! She is SO sweet! And she can make ur day any day! 






13 responses to “PC- My Girlies

  1. alliciarivera13

    If you need an Alicia in your PC, let me know!! 🙂

    I Heart You,

  2. Hey Girlie! I dont think we need one right now,but if we do ill definitly let u know 🙂

  3. Hey Kristen, actually Massie says no more Kuh-laire. 😦 Our PC will be Claireless. sighhh

  4. Kris, change your Dylan page to me!

  5. you should totally change your Dylan to me!MBL just accepted me into her PC!So please change it!


  6. Hey girl it’s your Claire on my RL blog. I got a new one

  7. Hey girlie!!! Love that blog! wats up!

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