MIA, School Outfits!

Sorry guys I have been increibly MIA!  Someone I was Very Close to died in a freak accident! BUT anyway

As you all know (should), TPC and I are in ITALY!!!

Ok So school is starting very soon for us girlies! So ahvcourse I need an outfit!


So here are the sets:

Option One:


Option two:


So which one is it!

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Like the header!

Do i need a new background?




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6 responses to “MIA, School Outfits!

  1. Hey Kris! Definitely option 1 🙂 So sorry about your friend. Good luck getting your braces tomorrow!


  2. thanks! thanks thanks! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks to all three!

  3. Hey Kris,
    I’m so saw-ree to hear about your friend! If you need to talk, text me, IM me or email me(: ♥
    Both outfits awr cuh-yoot, but I ah-gree with Massie and say number one.
    And I heart the whole makeover!
    Heart You Forever,
    Alicia Rivera

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