Fashion Expedition

That is the name for the contest! Thank you all for entering! I am finally going to start the contest!

First off, thank you to legitmassiekur for coming up with the title!

Alright the people who entered are as following:

If you are not participating any more please let me know soon!

So for the first challenge! you are finally ready to begin your carrer as a personal stylist! You are located in New York, one of the most fashionable states!

My Style Is

 Boho, nautical, casual, artsy, vintage, modern,

For the first challenge you will be creating an outfit representing a character from a movie or tv show! Here is the list:

Maddie: Aria Montgomery

Legitmassieblock: Shirley Temple

spalphaaliciarivera: Amy Adams in Enchanted

OMEB: Rachel Berry From Glee

Claire: Blair From Gossip Girl

MBL: Elle Wood From Legally Blonde

OKG1: Penny From Hairspray!

Any ?’s! Email me! More later, start working girls, until next time


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19 responses to “Fashion Expedition

  1. I loved the post Kristen (:
    The contest sounds like a lot of fun!
    Good luck to all the entrants on the first challenge!
    New post (:


  2. Hey Kristen,
    Amazing post, as always.
    Good luck to all the entrants!
    New post!
    With Love,

  3. Krissie!!! I love your new blog makeover, it seriously gorgeous 🙂 I loveee the first challenge! Very exciting cuz I love Elle Woods! SUCH a good movie and she is hilarious 🙂


    • MASSIE! THank you! Alicia helped me decide on yellow or purple! Made the header myself 😉 Thanks! I’m updating it today! Really! I felt like you should have that one for some reason! IKR! She’s great in that role!

  4. The contest sounds so fun! I cannot wait to see/read about the entries(:

  5. Alicia Rivera

    I’ll get started right ah-way chicka 🙂

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  6. Alicia Rivera

    This is my entry (I also send it to you by e-mail but I wanted to make sure you gawt it 🙂 )

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRIvera

  7. legitmassieblock

    Here’s my entry!
    P.S. Shirley Temple was kind of hard since she was so young when she was at her fame peek.
    biosu bisou,

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