Baby It’s Cold Outside

Anybody else feel old man winter coming? I know I do, and I live in Louisiana! So, I’m sure its really cold up north! With that said, we are quickly moving into winter and out of fall. It’s really a shame though because fall is my favorite season, yet it lasts not so long. Here are my highlights of the Fall season

Going to a bonfire

Seeing the different leaves scattered on my yard

LSU winning against BAMA!

What are yours?

So with winter coming we need to prepare for the season, right girlies? Here are some new and fabulous winter trends:

1. Emi Jays: Anybody heard of these? I seriously love them! There really popular here, are they where you are! Well they are colored chiffon elastic hair ties! There amazing! Nuff said!  They also support charities, there is a list of the ones they do on the website!  Here is the website:

2. if you want the latest color trends go here

3.  Collared Dresses: he look gives a cute, sexy and sophisticated vintage look.

4. Fringe: Fringe is very retro and will add a fun twist to your outfit. I’ve also been seeing it on shoes, not just bags.

5. Lace: I myself am a huge fan of lace! I love it with white and black! Lace can be used for party, sometimes casual, and work. Latley ive been seeing it in accessories and even shoes! It’s really cute!

6. All about the nails: Newsprint Nails are really in! They dont take too long, and they are very cute! you can get a tutorial online! And of course the OPI is a trend,and many celebrities including the kardashians, glee, and justin bieber have a line. Also Essie is getting very popular, she has so many colors to choose from, i personally love the pastels and blues. But lace is not just for clothing, its now a trend for nails! Like the newspaper you can find a tutorial online, and it turns out super cute!

7.Booties: If you haven’t tried wearing booties, the easiest way is to pair them with skinny jeans, leggings or a dress with tights. They can also look smashing with bare legs and a shorter dress. There are so many styles and designs for these, you will definitly find one you like!

8. Ooh ooh la la: Bridal Couture? Flowy, delicate flouncy pieces; somewhat fairy-tale inspired, Makes us wonder isRomance the new edgy. Romance is always in, but in style! yes! This consist of pastels, some of my favs! Also frilly, fringe, flowy, lace, especially white lace.  

Thats all for now!

Now you might have seen on the beaute blog cece’s post about her wishlist, i liked the idea and decided to do it myself! So here is my current christmas wishlist!

  • Some New Makeup! Its about time I get some! This is one of the things I want:
  • I’m in need of some new nailpolish! Any ideas? I was thinking some pastels, and essie’s and opi’s!
  • The Justin Bieber Mistletoe Cd Of course!
  • Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger CD
  • Demi Lavoto’s Unbroken Cd! I can’t wait to get it!
  • I am recently addicted to FRIENDS! So I want the entire collection, but i’ll have to get it in pieces!
That’s just some of it!
Yur Southern Belle



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22 responses to “Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. Hey girlie!
    I heart the trends. I agree with them all!
    Great job
    Classically Claire

  2. Hey, Great Post, I love all the trends.
    Did you still wanted to be interviewed for Cover Girl?

  3. Hey Kristen (:
    I agree with all the trends that you mentioned above.
    They are definitely going to be in for this winter.
    Cool wishlist.


  4. Alicia Rivera

    Great winter trends chicka! 🙂 Most things on your wishlist are on mine too!

    I Heart You! SpalphaAliciaRivera

  5. Fantastical post my felow bunny luhver!!! There’s a new post on my blah-g so puhlease check it out!!


    Bunny power!!

  6. Totally agree with all of your trends! & As far a nailpolish goes metalics are totally in. Great post Kris
    ♥ Hearts

  7. Loved the post, Kristen ;).


  8. Ranker Royal ( S...)

    FInd out how you rank? Check out my blog

  9. Hey Kristen! I do love Emi Jay’s they are so cute 🙂 I also love the collared dresses, they are so cute! Kind of a mix between the tuxedo look and vintage. For nail polish, deep blues, light purples, and nude colors are in 🙂 Also, the fade out glitter nail trend is really hot and you can never have enough glitter! 😉


  10. Massie Block

    Love all of the trends, K! I’ve never heard of Emi Jays before, but they sound amazing. 🙂


  11. Kaddie

    I love the trends, mainly fringe, Essie nail polish and booties(: Love the wishlist, Essie is definitely the nail polish to go for. I kind of like Essie better than OPI.

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